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International Child Custody, Abduction, Support & Alimony

International Family Law Italy

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International family law attorneys (Italy and USA)

We are an international law firm with legal services focusing on Italian law and American law. Moreover, We have the flexibility to represent clients throughout Europe and America with 2 locations in Italy and the USA. We ensure that you will not be lost in a big firm or with an overwhelmed solo practitioner.

The Law

We are experts on Italian law, International law, and American law. Our lawyers understand the legal systems in Italy, Europe, and the USA. We can help you choose the best forum to litigate and avoid years of delays found when using an Italian lawyer that merely speaks English.

The Culture

One should never underestimate the importance of securing an attorney from your own culture to reach your goals. You should be even more careful when seeking a lawyer abroad. And while a local attorney can be important, lawyers foreign to your culture may insist that you settle your matter in a manner that falls short of your goals. You do not want a lawyer that does not understand your specific needs any more than you want to a hairdresser to remodel your kitchen.

Our Italian lawyers have litigated for over 40 years, fostering relationships in both the courthouse as well as government offices which help to expedite and settle our matters. And our American lawyer has a wealth of international experience to ensure your particular goals are met. Contact us for an initial consultation to understand your legal rights.