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International Child Custody, Abduction, Support & Alimony

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How to Protect Your Children in Your Passing

Recently a five-year-old boy was involved in a contentious legal battle regarding where he would live after he lost both of his parents and his brother. Following a tragic cable car accident in Italy, the five-year-old boy was orphaned and his grandfather took him to Israel to be raised. Prior to the accident, the boy had lived in Italy where he spoke Italian and was immersed in that culture surrounded by his Italian family and peers. His paternal aunt demanded…

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Serving Defendants Internationally

Few people realize the obstacles in serving defendants abroad. Laws governing who may serve a defendant internationally differ by country. What laws apply to service in your country, oftentimes do not apply internationally. In the U.S.A., lawyers needing to serve an international defendant are told to research the long-arm statute. However, these regulations do not always tell the attorney critical information. These laws fail to mention that the proof of service may only be notarized at a U.S. Embassy to…

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International Child Custody

The European Court of Justice reports that divorce and legal separation between international couples are rising drastically. Additionally, both international and non-international couples are marrying less and less but producing children at similar rates. When becoming a parent, couples do not often think of the legal consequences of where they decide to live with the child. A year abroad for an opportunity to advance your career could leave you stuck in that country for many years. When a couple of…

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