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We are a boutique international law firm with legal services focusing on Italian law and American law. With 2 locations in Italy and frequent travel to the USA, we have flexibility to represent clients throughout all of Europe and North America. Being a smaller law firm, we provide personalized legal aid ensuring that you will not be lost either in a big law firm or an overwhelmed solo practitioner. Our lawyers, solicitors, and support staff work tirelessly to resolve your International contentions so that you can focus on your family, instead of worrying about your case.

Experts on Italian law as well as International law, our lawyers understand the legal systems in Italy, the EU and the USA and will help you choose the best forum for your case. You avoid months or years of delays found when using an Italian lawyer that merely speaks English. Legal aid online is available through telephone or video conferencing if you are unable to travel to Rome.

In addition, while our lawyers focus primarily on International Family Law matters (legal separation, divorce, spousal support/alimony, child custody, child abduction, and estate planning & distribution), we also resolve civil litigation matters including employment law and immigration matters. We provide legal services as far north as Milan and as far south as Sicily with associates in the UK, USA and Russia.

When seeking a lawyer abroad, one should never underestimate the importance of securing a team that includes someone from your own culture to ensure that your objectives are reached. While a local attorney is very important, lawyers foreign to your culture may very well insist on settling your matter in a manner that falls short of your goals. A NY barista can rarely prepare a macchiato in the proper Italian way, just as an Italian barista can rarely make a proper cup of tea correctly. Naturally, your reasons for visiting this site are much more serious than an unpalatable beverage.

Our Italian counsel have litigated for over 40 years, fostering relationships in both the courthouse as well as government offices which help expedite legal matters. Our American lawyer brings a wealth of versatility and a broad-mind to ensure our clients goals are met, regardless of how far these goals may be from the local norm.

Attorneys at law, contact us for an initial consultation to understand your legal rights in the international legal system.

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