A chance to live in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of living in an eternal postcard with Italian grandmothers cooking your every meal? Frustrated with the way you see things in your home country or wanting to make a good investment? You can now buy a home in Italy for €1 and live the Dolce Vita!

Of course, this does not mean your total investment will be €1. But you have 2 years to redevelop the property and depending on where you would be coming from, the work involved could be extremely affordable.

The generous, fun-loving Italians have created an opportunity for you to buy an Italian home for next to nothing to re-populate their country. Many towns in Italy have property owners that bought too many homes for their children only to see the youth leave Italy in a global world. Now quaint Tuscan wienries, glamorous Sicilian seaside villas, you name it, are all vacant and selling to the fastest buyer. You can have a summer home in Italy that you run as a BnB when you aren’t using it yourself. Also, you can open a cooking school for tourists. You dream it, you can make it happen. And we can get you the legal right to live in Italy year-round!


Now, they want to repopulate these towns and understand that the investment in the property will be a benefit to the local workers and the businesses you use in your living there or business you open. But of course, this incredible offer comes with a fair amount of Italian bureaucracy. And that’s where we come in. Some things are not recommended to undergo on your own. This is not a DIY home purchase and remodel. While we can help you avoid the common issues of not have the correct documents, in the correct forms, with the correct stamps etc, we have over 40 years of experience in international law. We have brokered several of these purchases when people can try to be shrewd or governments…sleepy. People that have tried to make this investment on their own now tell horror stories, but you can imagine the stories a foreigner would tell if s/he attempted to make an investment in your country without experienced help.

And last but not least, we offer the added benefit of making suggestions on which part of Italy you might be happier, given how many towns are still offering this chance to have a home in Italy.

Contact us to see if this might be an opportunity for you.