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Italian Custody & Divorce

Cohabitation Rights

What are Cohabitation Rights Couples are living together unmarried more than ever before. We are in an age of independence that breaks both past obligations imposed on unions from the church, as well as prior limits in geographical location. Couples are more international than ever before. Italians are not moving to the Americas with other Italians. Oftentimes, a British person will immigrate to Italy with a Swiss or American national for example. In all the excitement of an adventurous new…

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International Child Custody

The Hague Convention Divorce, separation and custody disputes are rising drastically. The rates are even higher between international couples. And, children are born at similar rates for both international and non-international couples whether married or not. You need to consider getting support from our child custody lawyers. Many people never consider the legal consequences of where they live with a child. People that loved to travel before becoming a parent find the child care too much without their family and…

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