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Our Beginning

AVRA Legal began when the partners realized the need to create a truly international law firm in Rome Italy.

Mrs. Miklos relocated to Italy after a successful law practice in New York City. She quickly saw how vulnerable foreigners were when faced with Italian law or business dealings. English speaking foreigners in Italy were being taken advantage of by not knowing the legal system and/or language. English speaking lawyers in Italy were making clients falsely believe that they could settle their issues. And people with business or legal issues in Italy that lived outside of Italy were perhaps the most vulnerable of all. She partnered with Mr. Vasi and Ms. Rossi to create an office unlike any other in Rome.

Mr. Vasi is an English speaking Italian attorney with over 40 years practicing law throughout Italy. He argues before the highest court in the country regularly. And best of all, he offers a wealth of knowledge of the local judiciary and adverse attorneys.

Ms. Rossi also has decades of experience litigating throughout Italy. She has the added benefit of decades of successful navigation of Italian bureaucracy. The path to justice in Italy comes outside of the court too often.

Our Services

We provide both foreigners in Italy and foreigners outside of Italy with legal aid that they can trust. Many legal systems are corrupt, and many attorneys encourage clients to settle far from the clients’ interests. Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience and an international perspective that other firms don’t have. We allow the client to guide the strategy as their particular needs differ from the local norm.   

Additionally, lawsuits and mediation are very rarely straightforward. International elements in cases can cause even more delays and expenses. International elements can work to a client’s benefit if strategized effectively. We know the tricks of the trade and what to avoid. We know how some issues can encourage negotiation and settlement.

Why Chose AVRA

Our office was created after working in English speaking law firms that did not advocate for the clients’ goals. Specifically, for the father to raise the child as the mother was the breadwinner (UN). However, both the husband and the wife’s attorneys decided that this was not in the child’s best interest. The attorneys informed the couple that their goals were not possible. Similarly, an international Italian lawyer caused a three year delay for a client managing his deceased parents’ estate. The lawyer spoke English but was not a truly international lawyer. The lawyer also caused an additional €7,000 of legal fees from the lack of international experience and knowledge.

Our office is designed to assist the international family and individual. And legal aid is available online. Please contact us for an initial consultation to learn and to protect your rights before it may be too late.

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