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Our firm began when partners Danielle Miklos, Giorgio Vasi and Marina Rossi realized the need to create a truly international law firm for clients with matters involving Italy. Danielle Miklos, a native English speaker and mother from the USA realized the risks clients face hiring lawyers that speak their language, but do not understand their culture or priorities. She brought to the office a NYC law firm standard and a background in International law and strategy to better serve international clients.

Mr. Vasi, an English speaking Italian attorney has over 40 years practicing law (mediation and litigation). He has been listed on several Embassy directories for decades including the U.S. Embassy. He has assisted countless clients with their legal cases in Rome and the greater Italian territory. He has also provided legal aid to clients outside of Italy that do not understand how to resolve their case internationally.

Mrs. Miklos relocated to Italy after a successful law practice in New York City. Upon arriving in Italy, she learned how vulnerable Americans and other foreigners are that face legal matters in Italy. She also realized that foreigners with a legal case in Italy face additionally difficulties due to their english language limitations and their lack of knowledge of the local legal system. In an effort to provide both foreigners in Italy as well as foreigners outside of Italy with competent legal aid, she partnered with Mr. Vasi and Ms. Rossi to create an office unlike any other in Rome.

The combination of our lawyers, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of various legal systems, laws and perspective. When one thinks of a lawsuit, mediation or other legal proceeding, one usually believes that the law is clear. One also tends to believe that all legal systems are fair and honest. Unfortunately, the reality is much different. Often times, attorneys lead their clients far from the clients’ interests due to the attorney’s inability to empathize with the client or their lack of knowledge. Attorneys, just like non attorneys, regularly misunderstand the cultural norms and objectives of other countries. An international family typically removes children from the home country for several months each year. A woman breadwinner’s spouse may prefer to raise the children personally instead of hiring a nanny. By using a local lawyer that speaks your language, you may find that he or she fails to advocate for you particular needs.

Alternatively, a lawyer that is not intimately familiar with the legal system in a relevant foreign country, typically causes delays of months to years fulfilling various procedural requirements of the other country and risks infringing on your rights due to their lack of knowledge and experience. Most international firms do not employ large amounts of individuals with real life experience in foreign systems. These firms waste considerable time researching compliance procedures and routinely create Wills that are unenforceable in foreign jurisdictions.

Our office is designed to assist the international family and the international legal case. Legal aid online is available for your convenience seeing as many individuals are unable to make it to our offices. Please contact us for an initial consultation to learn and protect your rights before it may be too late.

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