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Our firm began when partners Giorgio Vasi, Danielle Miklos and Marina Rossi realized the need to create a truly international law firm for clients with matters involving Italy.

Mr. Vasi, an English speaking Italian attorney has over 40 years practicing law (mediation and litigation). He is listed on several Embassy directories and has assisted countless clients in their law cases in Rome and the greater Italian territory as well as assists clients outside of Italy to manage their affairs.

Mrs. Miklos relocated to Italy after a successful law practice in New York City. Upon arriving in Italy she learned how vulnerable people are when faced with Italian litigation though they do not reside in Italy. She also learned how many English speaking foreigners in Italy face additional struggles understanding neither the local legal system nor the local language. In an effort to provide both foreigners in Italy as well as foreigners outside of Italy with competent legal aid, she partnered with Mr. Vasi to create an office unlike any other in Rome.

The combination of our lawyers brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and perspective. Lawsuits and mediation are very rarely straightforward. International elements in contention can be even more time complicating and costly. Moreover, many legal systems are corrupt and dishonest. Many attorneys encourage clients to settle far from the clients’ interests.

International elements can work to a client’s benefit if strategized effectively. We litigate and negotiate for the interests of our clients vehemently. Our office was created after frustrations experienced working in English speaking law firms that did not advocate for the clients’ goals. An international family involved a woman breadwinner (WFP) with a male spouse that preferred to raise the children himself rather than hire a third party. Both husband and wife’s attorneys decided this was not in the child’s best interest and informed the couple that it was not possible. Similarly, an English speaking lawyer not intimately familiar with the legal system in the USA caused a 3-year delay and significant excess costs in a client administering his deceased parents’ estate.

Our office is designed to assist the international family. Legal aid online is available for your added convenience, seeing as many individuals are unable to travel to our offices. Please contact us for an initial consultation to learn and protect your rights before it may be too late.

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