The Dolce Vita

Most people think that Italy is a well organized country and people are held accountable. Surely any nuptials in your home country should be quickly and efficiently recognized abroad. Though the reality is that most legal systems are anything but straightforward and efficient. A simple visa could take months or years when dealing with 2 different legal systems, 2 different languages, and significantly different time zones.

The Italian immigration system is a labyrinth that can make even local attorneys struggle. Attorneys may assure you that your case is straightforward. But if any attorney ever tells you it’s simple, they might be exaggerating. Nothing in Italy is straightforward that involves municipal involvement. You understand the system best after you have handled multiple cases in the specific area of law you are presented.

An American Italian couple that married in New York City learned the hard way why you need a lawyer for rudimentary affairs. This couple met with the local Italian Consulate both before and after the wedding. The Consulate told the couple that the American wife’s visa was waiting for her in Rome. They believed that they her relocation to Italy would go smoothly.

Sadly, the Italian consulate made a mistake.The Consulate had assumed that she would assume the surname of her husband. However, they failed to inform her and she discovered the error upon her relocation.

Regrets From Not Using a Lawyer

This error was fairly simple to resolve. Being American, she was able to assume her husband’s surname at the local embassy. She obtained her visa and eventually learned how to pronounce the name. The alternative solution would have involved her to return to to New York to change the marriage certificate. An effort to clarify the error in NY could have taken 6 months or more. Her resolution took merely a few weeks.

Many people think that they don’t need a lawyer and their situation is simple. This woman certainly thought her visa was simple. But most people also think that you cannot park on sidewalks.

The dolce vita comes at a price. Let us help you secure the visa you need to ensure that you do not pay exorbitant fees later in fixing government errors.