A five-year-old boy lost both of his parents and then was the subject of a contentious international legal battle. He survived a tragic cable car accident in Italy after-which his grandfather relocated him to Israel. The children had lived in Italy prior to the accident and his aunt demanded his return. He returned to Italy. But only after months of litigation in a different country.

We can imagine the damage international litigation places on young children. But can you imagine this child and its trauma compounded by his international relocation?

Understandably, no parent wants to think of or prepare for such a terrible event. But no one should put off protecting one’s children when such an easy procedure is available.

We offer a service to formalize your instructions on the care of your child should you become incapacitated. We prevent the unnecessary additional trauma of international relocation and litigation. And we provide translations to anywhere custody might be questioned. Perhaps most importantly, we have over forty years of experience in international child custody contentions, so you will never need to worry about your child’s welfare with our assistance.

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