In this new age of globalism, many people dream of obtaining a second citizenship. Just as many people also think they are able to self-diagnose their medical issues and resolve most if not all of their legal and bureaucratic challenges. Unfortunately, like many incorrect medical self-diagnoses, most people are unable to resolve their legal and bureaucratic challenges without specialized help.

People don’t often have the first-hand experience of obtaining new or second citizenship to know what obstacles can occur. Many times people research the possible obstacles online, through friends, or even friends of friends. They don’t know to expect significant delays in certain offices or regions when applying themselves. The required documents sometimes don’t arrive together, in the correct format, and before their authentication expires. People typically don’t know what format is acceptable for the documents. And sometimes people are barred from re-applying for a specific time period if their application has been denied.

You probably wouldn’t try to perform gut renovations of a new property in a foreign land on your own. So why would you risk the time, energy, stress, and expense of applying for citizenship on your own? We focus on the details of this project, so you can focus on the exciting aspect of the experience. Feel free to reach out for a quote.